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Small Business Debt Collection

B2B Debt Resolution

A recent report showed that over 63% of small businesses are battling late payment issues however this can be minimised with a proactive B2B Debt Collection service. Other Research also shows that Small Businesses are also quite often hesitant to take action when owed money for fear of alienating their  customers or think it will be extremely expensive.

Small Business Services

Many New Zealand industries suffer from a late payment culture which has only been worsened by the impact Covid is having on all business sectors. We appreciate that within your busy work schedule debt recovery will not be high up on your important list of things to do. Sometimes your company may lack the time or even sufficient personnel to proactively chase your late payers which can then potentially have a knock on effect to your cash flow. NZ Debt Collectors was established exactly for that reason; to be an extension of your business thus saving you valuable time and money by utilising our debt recovery services.

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late payment issues

We also understand that maintaining client relationships is paramount for every business and therefore with our professional debt recovery services, we aim to resolve matters quickly and amicably without causing any detriment to your good reputation.

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